Westclox Models with Model Number: 120

There are 3 Models with model number 120 in the database

Westclox Ben Hur Style 1 Nickel Plain
Ben Hur style 1 alarm clock, nickel, with non-luminous dial. Round case, cast metal base.
Dates made: November 1926 - January 1932
Westclox Ben Hur Style 2
Round case with nickel body and black painted base. White, non-luminous dial.
Dates made: March 1932 - 1935
Westclox La Salle Style 3 Ivory Plain
La Salle style 3 alarm clock, ivory non-luminous. Square with concave sides (cushion-shaped) metal case, 4 1/8 inch square, ...
Dates made: 1954 - 1956