Westclox Models with Model Name: Auto Clock

There are 7 Models named Auto Clock in the database

Westclox Auto Clock Plain 1922
Long-stem pocket watch in polished nickel dash mount. Non-luminous dial.
Dates made: 1922 - ca. 1924
Westclox Auto Clock Bronze Finned 1936
Pull wind automobile clock in bronze case. Numerals are embossed in red on nickel band that surrounds the dial.
Dates made: Example Date: 10 21 36
Westclox Round 5 Inch Front Wind Auto Clock
Round clock with four mounting "ears", plastic hands, translucent dial for light to shine through, hole in back for light ...
Dates made: Approximate Date: 1940s
Westclox Auto Clock Electric Round Ca 1948 To 1952
2 1/4 inch diameter round electric auto clock with red hands. One eBay seller says it is for the following Oldsmobile models: ...
Westclox Auto Clock Luminous
Windup clock with base mount. Luminous dial.
Catalog Dates: 1930 - 1932
Westclox Auto Clock Plain
Windup, mounts with a base. Non-luminous.
Catalog Dates: 1930 - 1935
Westclox Square Auto Clock Luminous
Square base mount automobile clock with black luminous dial. Windup.
Catalog Dates: 1932