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These are the pages of Westclox clocks and watches, Telechron clocks, Seth Thomas clocks, and a few misc. clocks.

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Westclox 1948 Big Ben Brown Bakelite Electric Luminous
Westclox 1948 Big Ben Brown Bakelite Electric Plain
Westclox Bantam Electric Ivory Luminous
Westclox Bantam Electric Ivory Plain
Westclox Belfast Style 2 Green
Westclox Belfast Style 2 Ivory
Westclox Belfast Style 2 Red
Westclox Belfast Style 2 White
Westclox Greenwich Style 2 Luminous
Westclox Greenwich Style 2 Plain
Westclox Logan Luminous
Westclox Logan Plain
Westclox Melody Round Blue White
Westclox Melody Round Green Tan
Westclox Melody Round Red Brown
Westclox Melody Round Yellow Ivory
Westclox Moonbeam Style 1 Luminous
Westclox Moonbeam Style 1 Plain
Westclox Orb Electric Wall Ivory
Westclox Orb Electric Wall Red
Westclox Orb Electric Wall White
Westclox Orb Electric Wall Yellow
Westclox Sphinx Mahogany Luminous
Westclox Sphinx Mahogany Plain
Westclox Switch Clock

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