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4 color pages, C. M. McClung & Co., Knoxville, Tennessee. Not dated, but the eBay seller said it came from a 1931 catalog. This seems correct, as the ads show solid color Baby Ben, and all 6 Dura Case models. Shows a full page ad for Style 3 Big Ben Chime Alarm, 6 Dura Case models, Baby Ben Style 2 in Butler Nickel and Solid colors, Ben Hur in nickel and 3 colors, Big Ben Style 1a (leg model) in plain dial only, Sleep-Meter, America, Bantam green leg model (Style 1), Tom Thumb, and the following pocket watches: Country Club, Pocket Ben, Dax.

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Westclox Catalog

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Catalog > Page

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Westclox Big Ben Style 3 Chime Alarm Black Luminous
Westclox Big Ben Style 3 Chime Alarm Black Plain

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