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ca. 1954


The Canadian Home of Big Ben and the Westclox Family. Western Clock Company, Limited, Peterborough, Canada.

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Westclox Catalog


The Canadian Clock Museum, Deep River, Ontario, Canada

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Models in this Document:

Westclox Bantam Electric Ivory Luminous
Westclox Bantam Electric Ivory Plain
Westclox Bantam Electric Mahogany Luminous
Westclox Bantam Electric Mahogany Plain
Westclox Glo Larm Aqua Green
Westclox Glo Larm Beige
Westclox Glo Larm Ivory
Westclox Kendall Blond Luminous
Westclox Kendall Blond Plain
Westclox Kendall Mahogany Luminous
Westclox Kendall Mahogany Plain
Westclox Moonbeam Style 1 Luminous
Westclox Moonbeam Style 1 Plain
Westclox Pittsfield Blond Luminous
Westclox Pittsfield Blond Plain
Westclox Pittsfield Mahogany Luminous
Westclox Pittsfield Mahogany Plain
Westclox Sphinx Blonde Luminous
Westclox Sphinx Blonde Plain
Westclox Sphinx Mahogany Luminous
Westclox Sphinx Mahogany Plain

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