Seth Thomas Models with Model Name: Tambour

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Seth Thomas Tambour 12 1922 Version
Mahogany case. Eight-day, hour and half-hour strike.
Dates made: Approximate Date: 1922
Plymouth Tambour Quarter Hour Strike 4601 Movement
Tambour mantel clock with quarter-hour striking. Late type made in USA movement.
Dates made: Example Date: November 1939
Seth Thomas Staunton 1e
Catalog description: With self-starting electric movement. Strikes hours and half-hours on coiled gong of bell metal To see ...
Dates made: Approximate Date: 1941
Seth Thomas Staunton 1w
Catalog description: 8-day pendulum movement. Announces hours and half-hours by rich chords on double rods To see the Staunton ...
Dates made: Example Date: July 1941