Seth Thomas Cort 2 Mahogany Luminous Alarm Clock, Document Model Information, Clocks By Seth Thomas, Since 1813, The Finest Name In Clocks -> 7

Seth Thomas Cort 2 Mahogany Luminous

Model Name: 

Seth Thomas Cort 2 Mahogany Luminous

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Clocks by Seth Thomas, Since 1813, the Finest Name in Clocks -> 7

Document Date: 

July 1951

Doc Model Information Text: 

Model Description: CORT-2 Luminous dial. 30-hour Keywound Movement with Alarm. Straight lines and receding curves characterize the smart up-to-date appearance of the CORT. Appropriate for either contemporary or period rooms. Rich brown mahogany finish on hardwood. CORT-1 has white dial with legible brown numerals. CORT-2 has dial in warm shade of brown with luminous hands and numerals. Polished brass sash. Height 4". Width 4 ". Depth 1 3/4". Dial 2 3/8" diameter. Packed 12 of a kind to a case. Approx. shipping weight each 2 lbs.; case of 12 clocks, 14 lbs.

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