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Golden 12 Inch Round Wall Or Shelf

12 inch diameter metal case with embossed designs. There is an array of decorations on the front of the clock. Cherubs, flowers, vines and berries. There is a horned man below the six. Above the twelve may be a pterodactyl. There is a chain for hanging and a built in stand that holds the clock up.

Plymouth Round Top Veneer Panel

Round top mantel clock with veneer panel. Printed metal dial. 4501 movement. 8 day time and strike. Cathedral gong.

Test Model

For user testing

Westclox Big Face Baby Ben Style 1 Prototype

Only one known prototype, contains a Baby Ben movement dated 3-15-19. It looks like a Baby Ben with a larger case and dial.

Two slotted nuts hold the movement to the inner back.

Back diameter 68.1 mm (compared to a 11-14-13 baby Ben at 65.6 mm; and a 7-21-18 Baby Ben at 65.4 to 65.5 mm).

Back depth 21.1 mm (compared to a 3-21-18 Baby Ben at 18.9 mm).

Rear leg is 1/4 inch longer than a Baby Ben's rear leg.