Westclox Moonbeam Style 1 Luminous Flashing Light Alarm Clock, Document Model Information, Westclox Canada Ca. 1950 Catalog -> 6

Westclox Moonbeam Style 1 Luminous

Model Name: 

Westclox Moonbeam Style 1 Luminous

Document Name: 

Westclox Canada ca. 1950 Catalog -> 6

Document Date: 

ca. 1950

Doc Model Information Text: 

Model Description: MOONBEAM ELECTRIC ALARM—60 cycle only. An entirely new kind of electric alarm. First he calls you silently with a blinking light that will neither disturb the baby not rouse the rest of the household. If you ignore the light and fail to shut it off within a few minutes, Moonbeam adds to the light a cheerful audible alarm. Gracefully designed white plastic case with a gold cushioned base. 5 1/2 inches high. Current interruption signal. A Westclox exclusive. Plain or luminous dials.

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