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Westclox History at ClockHistory.com is devoted to the history of Westclox, Western Clock Company, Western Clock Mfg. Co. and United Clock Co. (LaSalle - Peru, Illinois) and their clocks and watches. We dedicate this web site to everyone connected with Westclox and its predecessor companies, and to those who enjoy their products.

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History of the Big Ben and Baby Ben Alarm Clock (Westclox)

Big Ben and Baby Ben Alarm Clock ID Guide (21 MB PDF file)

Biolchini Westclox book
Westclox - An Identification and Price Guide by Gary Biolchini. This comprehensive book covers the history of Westclox and its clocks and watches from 1885 to 1980.

Warning to Collectors about Fakes

Many fake alarm clocks with images of black people are being sold on ebay, the online auction service. For examples, see Jim Galazka's fakes page and my fakes page. For examples of fake Telechron and GE clocks, and comments on the source of these clocks, see Pappy's Fakes Page.

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Jim Galazka’s web site, Vintage Westclox : Photo gallery and identification of Westclox timepieces,

New Big Ben and Baby Ben alarm clocks are now available online at AlarmClocksOnline.com. If you want to buy a vintage Westclox, try AlarmClockDoc.com.

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